Brokeback Mountain (2005): Alma and Ennis Have Sex


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The clip Alma and Ennis have sex from Brokeback Mountain (2005) with Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger

Girls all right?
Jenny stopped her coughin'
I think you should take the girls into town this weekend
and get 'em an ice-cream... or somethin'...
Can't we move to town?
I'm tired of these lonesome old ranches
No one for Alma Jr. to play with...
Besides, I'm scared for Jenny...
...scared she has another one of 'em bad asthma spells
No, rent in town's too high
There's a cheap place in Riverton, over the Laundromat
I bet I could fix it up real nice
Oh, I bet you could fix this place up real nice if you wanted to
I know you'd like it, too
Real home... Other kids for the girls to play with...
Not so lonely like you were raised...
You don't want it to be so lonely, do you?
Come here
I ain't so lonely now, is it?
You sure the girls are asleep?

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