Brokeback Mountain (2005): Jack and Lureen Double Date


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The clip Jack and Lureen double date from Brokeback Mountain (2005) with Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal

And then I pledged Tri-Delt at SMU...
And I sure never thought
I'd end up in a poky little place like Childress
Then I met old Randall here at an Aggie game...
He was an animal husbandry major
So we've been here for a month
and he got the foreman job over at Roy Taylor's ranch
Like it or not, here I am!...
Was you Tri-Delt? I was Kappa Phi myself...
Well, even though we ain't quite sorority sisters
we just may have to dance with ourselves, Lureen!
Our husbands ain't the least bit interested in dancin'!
They ain't got a smidgen of rhythm between 'em
It's funny, isn't it!
Husbands don't never seem to want dance with their wives
Why do you think that is, Jack?
I don't know, I never give it any thought
Wanna dance?
Yes! Thank you!
Do you mind?
No, it's all right. Go ahead...
Pardon us...
Thank you for asking me to dance with you
I really appreciate that. Randall never does
It's a good thing you and Lureen happened along when you did...
or else we'd still be stuck on the side of the road
in that darn pick-up...
I told Randall we oughta take the car
Of course, he'd never listen to me!
He wouldn't listen to me if he was goin' deaf tomorrow
I told him it'd take more than chewing gum...
and baling wire to fix that pickup
Well... he's never been very mechanical, though

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