Spartacus (1960): Slaves in the Mines


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The clip slaves in the mines from Spartacus (1960) with Vic Perrin

In the last century, before the birth of the new faith called Christianity,
which was destined to overthrow the pagan tyranny of Rome
and bring about a new society,
the Roman Republic stood at the very center of the civilized world.
"Of all things fairest," sang the poet,
"first among cities and home of the gods is golden Rome. "
Yet, even at the zenith of her pride and power
the Republic lay fatally stricken with a disease
called human slavery.
The age of the dictator was at hand
waiting in the shadows for the event to bring it forth.
In that same century,
in the conquered Greek province of Thrace,
an illiterate slave woman added to her master's wealth
by giving birth to a son whom she named Spartacus.
A proud, rebellious son
who was sold to living death in the mines of Libya
before his thirteenth birthday.
There, under whip and chain and sun,
he lived out his youth and his young manhood,
dreaming the death of slavery
2,��� years before it finally would die.

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