Spartacus (1960): Buy Varinia Part 2 2


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The clip buy varinia Part 2 2 from Spartacus (1960) with Peter Ustinov, Charles Laughton

Great Gracchus, I find it difficult to hate,
but there's one man I can't think of without fuming.
Who's that? Crassus.
You've grown very ambitious in your hatred.
Do you blame me? There I was, better than a millionaire in the morning
and a penniless refugee by nightfall with nothing but rags and my flesh.
All because Crassus decides to break his journey at Capua
with a couple of capricious, over-painted nymphs.
These two daughters of Venus
had to taunt the gladiators, force them to fight to the death,
and before I knew what had happened, revolution on my hands.
What revenge have you in mind?
I sold Crassus this woman Varinia.
Varinia. May the gods give her wings.
There was no contract,
but she was clearly his slave as soon as the deal was made.
Now she's off with Spartacus killing people in their beds.
And Crassus, no mention of money.
You never offered me this woman. Why not?
Well, she's not remotely your type, Gracchus.
She is very thin and...
Look around you.
You'll see women of all sizes.
Well, yes.
500 sesterces deposit on Varinia.
Since he hasn't paid, this gives me first call over Crassus when she's caught.
May the gods adore you.
Why do you buy a woman you've never seen?
To annoy Crassus, of course, and help you.

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