Spartacus (1960): Choose Gladiators Part 2


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The clip choose gladiators Part 2 from Spartacus (1960)

Only one man in the entire school stands a chance
with the Thracian knife against the trident.
Over there, Lady Helena.
He's impertinent.
I'll take him.
And he's a coward to boot. Have him flogged.
Over there, Lady Helena. The beast of Libya.
I prefer the coward.
If both men are down and refuse to fight your trainer will slit their throats.
We want no tricks.
Tricks, madam? At the school of Batiatus?
You heard the instruction, Marcellus? Remember it.
I feel sorry for the poor things in this heat.
Don't put them in those suffocating tunics.
Let them wear just enough for modesty.
Whatever they wear, Lady, they'll bless your name.
Back, the rest of you.
Our choosing has bored you?
No, most exciting. I tingle.
Do let's get out of the sun.
May I conduct Your Magnificences to the gallery?

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