Spartacus (1960): Prospective Buyers Part 2


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The clip prospective Buyers Part 2 from Spartacus (1960) with Peter Ustinov, Nina Foch

whose recent execution touched us all deeply.
Honor to the Lady Helena,
daughter of the late Septimus Optimus Glabrus,
whose fame shall live on forever in the person of his son,
your brother,
Marcus Publius Glabrus,
hero of the Eastern War.
How very much he knows.
Allow me to bring you up-to-date.
We're here to celebrate the marriage of my brother to the Lady Claudia.
A mating of eagles, Your Sanctity.
Fan His Magnitude. He sweats.
No, no. No, no.
My young friends desire a private showing of two pairs.
Two pairs?
Oh, yes. I have something that would please them.
Two pairs to the death.
To the death, Your Ladyship?
Surely you don't think we came all the way to Capua
for gymnastics?
But I beg, Your Honors,
we train the finest gladiators in all Italy.
We can give you a display of swordsmanship
which is better than you can see in Rome.
When they're sold, their new masters
may do with them as they wish.
But here, no, we never fight them to the death.
Today is an exception.
But the ill feeling,
it would spread through the whole school.
Then the cost. Oh, the cost.
Name your price.
25,000 sesterces.
Arrange it.
Are you serious, sir?
Arrange it immediately.
Of course, we shall want to choose them ourselves.
You do have a certain variety?

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