Spartacus (1960): Get Their Freedom


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The clip get their freedom from Spartacus (1960) with Peter Ustinov, Charles Laughton

I don't see the letter here to the leader of the Senate.
Oh, yes. Julia, I don't like the sound of weeping.
This is a happy house. Please stop.
Oh, there you are. Go away, Julia! Where have you been?
The city is full of Crassus' legions. We've been hiding.
I don't know Rome as well as I know Capua.
They're arresting everyone.
So this is the woman it took Crassus eight Roman legions to conquer.
I wish I had time to make your acquaintance, my dear.
Unfortunately, we all have to make journeys to different destinations.
Where are we going?
You're going to Aquitania. The governor's one of my innumerable cousins.
Here's a senatorial pass. It's valid in all the known world.
Why do I have to go to Aquitania?
'Cause I asked you to.
It's very good of you, Gracchus, but I...
Double the money I promised you. Here's two million sesterces.
Two million?
Here. Articles of freedom for the woman.
And here's a smaller document that I've prepared for the child,
befitting its size.
Where are you going?
Oh, to Picenum.
Picenum? That's the dreariest town in Italy.
Will you please leave me?
Come with us. See to it that I don't misuse the money.
Don't be ridiculous. I'm a senator.
Will you please go before the soldiers come here?
This would really make Crassus jealous.
Go and make my joy complete.

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