Spartacus (1960): Bath House Part 2


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The clip bath house Part 2 from Spartacus (1960)

I want you to come back to your own kind.
I beg you to.
Is it me you want, or is it the garrison?
Tell me frankly.
If you were I, would you take the field against Spartacus?
Of course. Why?
We have no other choice if we're to save Rome.
Ah, Caesar!
Which Rome?
or ours?
You know Gracchus is my friend.
I won't betray him.
Which is worse? To betray a friend or betray Rome herself?
My dear Crassus, I face no such choice.
You will, sooner than you think.
Good afternoon, Crassus. I've been looking for you.
Your new master.
The Senate's been in session all day over this business with Spartacus.
We've got eight legions and no one to lead them.
The minute you offer the general's command,
they start wheezing like winded mules.
I've seen such epidemics before, haven't you?
How's your health?
Excellent, as you very well know.
I take it the Senate's now offering the command to me.
You've been expecting it.
I have.
Have you thought how costly my services might be?
We buy everything else these days.
No reason why we shouldn't be charged for patriotism.

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