Spartacus (1960): Bath House


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The clip bath house from Spartacus (1960) with John Gavin, Laurence Olivier

Any reports on Metapontum?
Heralds are crying the news now.
We lost 10,000 men, including Commodius and his officers.
Nineteen thousand?
Have you estates in Metapontum?
A son with Commodius.
With your permission, good day.
We take five years to train a legion.
How can this Spartacus train an army in seven months?
There's something wrong, something very wrong.
We should have an investigation.
By all means, an investigation.
Where is Spartacus now?
He's nearing the seaport of Brundusium.
I need a few moments of the Commander's time.
Will you excuse us?
I hear you've taken a house in the fourth ward.
Not a very splendid house.
And you feasted 11,000 plebeians in the Field of Mars.
It scarcely could've been called a feast.
For 200 years, your family and mine have been members
of the Equestrian Order and the Patrician Party,
servants and rulers of Rome.
Why have you left us for Gracchus and the mob?
I've left no one, least of all Rome.
But this much I've learned from Gracchus, Rome is the mob.
Rome is an eternal thought in the mind of God.
I had no idea you'd grown religious.
That doesn't matter.
If there were no gods at all, I'd revere them.
If there were no Rome, I'd dream of her
as I want you to do.

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