Spartacus (1960): Tigranus Confession Part 3


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The clip tigranus confession Part 3 from Spartacus (1960)

The only other army in all of Italy is here.
Yes, of course!
Crassus is inviting us to march on Rome,
so he can take the field against us.
Crassus wants us to march on Rome?
He's forcing us to.
He knows I won't let myself be trapped between two armies with my back to the sea.
He knows my only other choice is Rome.
Somewhere on the way, we meet.
If he beats us, he becomes the savior of Rome,
and there's his final victory over the Senate.
General, allow me to redeem myself in your eyes.
For a small commission,
I can arrange for you, your family and your leaders, of course,
to be smuggled out of Italy and transported to one of the eastern countries
where men like you are welcome and appreciated.
You can live like kings for the rest of your lives.
What do you think, General?
Go away.
Go away?
Go away.
Tell the trumpeters to sound assembly.

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