Spartacus (1960): Report to Senate Part 2


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The clip report to senate Part 2 from Spartacus (1960)

Let the punishment of the Senate be pronounced.
If we punished every commander who made a fool of himself,
we wouldn't have anyone left above the rank of centurion.
But this is a case of criminal carelessness!
Six cohorts have been slaughtered.
Crassus sponsored this young man. Let him pronounce sentence.
The punishment is well-known!
Let Publius Marcus Glabrus be denied fire, water, food and shelter
for a distance of 400 miles in all directions from the city of Rome.
One thing more.
Glabrus is my friend and I will not dissociate myself from his disgrace.
I now lay down the command of my legions and retire to private life.

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