Spartacus (1960): Bathe Nude


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The clip bathe nude from Spartacus (1960)

To the mother that bore me,
to the father that taught me,
to the god...
To the blue woods and the purple shadows, I...
To blue shadows and purple woods.
Spartacus, you frightened me!
I'm sorry.
How long have you been there?
A little while.
Why didn't you say something?
You seemed so happy. I didn't want to bother you.
I am happy.
Spartacus, I've been trying to remember the song that Antoninus sang.
Is it blue shadows and purple woods, or is it purple woods and blue shadows?
I want to make love to my wife!
Spartacus, put me down. I'm dripping!
I don't care.
You've got, you've...
You have to be gentle with me.
Why? Why, darling?
I'm going to have a baby. Now put me down.
A baby.
A baby? When?
In the spring.
Well, how? I mean, how do you know?
I know.
A baby in the spring.
I'm gonna have a son.
It might be a daughter.
Why didn't you tell me? I just did.
You're cold. Here, get underneath this.
Did I hurt you? No, you didn't.
I didn't mean to be so rough.
Why don't you kiss me?

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