Back to the Future Part III (1990): Saving Clara


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The clip Saving Clara from Back to the Future Part III (1990) with Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox

We'll wait until winter when the lake freezes over.
Winter? What are you saying? Monday is three days away!
All right. Let's just think this thing through logically.
We know it won't run under its own power. We know we can't pull it.
But if we could figure out a way...
to push it up to 88 miles an hour...
That's it.
How fast can she go? Why, I've had her up to 55 myself.
I heard that Fearless Frank Fargo got one of these up to near 70...
out past Verde Junction.
Do you think it's possible to get it up to 90?
Ninety? Tarnation. Who would ever need to be in such a hurry?
Just a little bet he and I have, that's all.
Theoretically speaking, could it be done?
I suppose, if you had a straight stretch of track with a level grade...
and you weren't hauling no cars...
and if you could get the fire hot enough.
I'm talking about hotter than the blazes of Hell itself.
It might be possible to get her up that fast.
When does the next train come through?
Monday morning at 8:00.
Here. This spur that runs off the main line 3 miles out to Clayton Ravine.
It's a long stretch of level track that will still exist in 1985.
This is where we'll push the DeLorean with the locomotive.
Funny. This map calls Clayton Ravine "Shonash Ravine. "
That must be the old Indian name for it. It's perfect.
A long run that goes across the bridge over the ravine...
over near that Hilldale housing development.
Right, but according to this map...

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