Back to the Future Part III (1990): Mad-Dog Tannen Part 2


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The clip Mad-Dog Tannen Part 2 from Back to the Future Part III (1990) with Michael J. Fox, Pat Buttram

I'll have...
ice water.
Ice water?
You want water, you better dunk your head in the horse trough out there.
In here, we pour whiskey.
Excuse me.
For what?
I'm trying to find a blacksmith.
Thought I told you never to come in...
You ain't Seamus McFly.
You look like him, though, especially with that dog-ugly hat.
You kin to that hay barber?
What's your name, dude?
Clint Eastwood.
What kind of stupid name is that?
He's the runt of the litter.
Boys, would you look-see at these pearly whites?
I ain't seen teeth that straight that weren't store-bought.
Take a gander at them moccasins. What kind of skins is them?
What's that writing mean?
"Nike"? Is that Indian talk?
Bartender, I'm looking for that no-good, cheating blacksmith.
You seen him?
No, sir, Mr. Tannen. I have not.
You're Mad Dog Tannen.
"Mad Dog"?
I hate that name.
I hate it, you hear?
Nobody calls me "Mad Dog"!
Especially not some duded-up, egg-sucking gutter trash.

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