Hell Ride (2008): The Deuce


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The clip The Deuce from Hell Ride (2008)

Hi Deuce. How are ya?
Hello Johnny.
It's been, many a moon.
Ah, thank you, for this suite Johnny.
You know, uh... Hope I'm not being unreasonable, but...
No mint on the pillow again, last night.
No pillow, in fact.
You know Johnny.
Mint-whoring is...
Not good for business.
The key to a good business relationship is, everybody's happy.
I'm not happy, Johnny.
That's a very nice suit.
Yeah, well, it used to be.
Before I was Shanghaid two nights ago.
I thought you got killed by a big rig back in '86!
I ain't happy Johnny.
Who is, Deuce?
I mean...
Tell me if it's none of my business, but I, I...
I heard you did a lot of traveling all these years.
That's very true. In America.
Building an empire.
Just right around, the summer of '76
I think, when you...
You kind of...
86th yourself from the Six-Six-Sixers.
You know, Johnny.

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