Hell Ride (2008): Questioning Comanche


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The clip questioning comanche from Hell Ride (2008)

I want you to meet Maria.
What the hell are you, and what the fuck is your story?
I'm just a guy named Comanche.
A Victor...
Named Comanche. That's my story.
Do you know anything about a key?
No, tell me about it.
Do you know anything about a safe-deposit box?
Tell me about it.
Ever heard of Cherokee Kisum?
I knew a Cherokee Indian woman once.
The Deuce did too, from way back.
And they weren't busy leading the sexual revolution.
They were busy producing acid. They made a fortune on the LSD market.
Then coke.
The only problem was...
She was fucking over the Deuce while she was fucking him.
And let me tell you something...
She stashed away one hell of a mint.
On July 4th, 1976
She went up in flames.
She had a boy.
Nobody saw that boy ever again.
How do I know for sure that you're you?
Stand up.

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