Gosford Park (2001): the Ladies


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The clip the ladies from Gosford Park (2001) with Maggie Smith, Camilla Rutherford

Right you are, sir.
-Everyone knows we're desperate. -There you are.
Did you find one?
-Well? -Don't look at me.
If I so much as open my mouth, it'll make things worse.
I've already tried.
Jennings says the cars are ready.
Goody. I'm starving.
I can't just let him down.
What are you wearing?
Why? Don't you like it?
You bought it.
Did I? How extraordinary of me.
Come on, better get going.
-Where's that wretched Mabel? -Has anyone checked her outfit?
She's probably in black velvet
-with a feather in her hair. -She looks perfectly normal.
-Don't be a snob, Aunt Constance. -Me? I haven't a snobbish bone.

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