Gosford Park (2001): Showers


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The clip showers from Gosford Park (2001) with Kelly Macdonald, Emily Watson

Wait, there's a queue here.
Shut the door, for heaven's sake!
Don't worry, it's only Lewis and Dorothy.
If any men are found up here, they get sacked on the spot.
Worse luck.
So you're a convent girl?
Or is that Presbyterian modesty?
-ls the water hot? -Not really.
No. Won't be till the guns get back.
I better get in yours.
Her Ladyship says Sir William loves his shooting.
Yeah. Can't hit a barn door but he does love it. It's sweet.
Last night...
No, I shouldn't say.
Yes, you should. What?
when I went down to wash that shirt,
I think I saw him in the ironing room.
-With one of the kitchen maids. -That wouldn't have been him.
I think it was.
He came down the passage a minute later and I don't see...
No, it wasn't him.

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