Gosford Park (2001): a Game of Bridge


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The clip a game of bridge from Gosford Park (2001) with Kristin Scott Thomas, Bob Balaban

-Lady Trentham. -Well, luck of the draw.
-I think I'd like to... -Darling, we've just cut.
-Allow me. -Thank you so much.
Am I awful if I ask you to play something to cheer us up?
-No, of course not. -Thank you.
I've booked the first passage home and I'll be living on the phone till I set sail and I have to be in London tomorrow, so if you'd prefer to stay, I can take a train.
-I'll give you a lift. -Thank you.
You're providing a lot of entertainment for nothing.
I'm used to it.
Excuse me.
Somewhere there's another land...
Darling, you're not going to watch over my shoulder?
You'll put me off.
...that little place we know.
Do you think he'll be as long as he usually is?
-Anyway... -I think he's rather wonderful.
I have only seen one.
We shall never find that lovely land of Might-Have-Been.
I shall never be your king, nor you shall be my queen.
Days may pass and years may pass and seas may lie between...
-We shouldn't be doing this. -Come on.
Sometimes, on the rarest nights, comes the vision...

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