Gosford Park (2001): Mrs. MccCodle


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The clip Mrs. MccCodle from Gosford Park (2001) with Kristin Scott Thomas. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

-Pleasant evening, my Lady? -Not really, no.
Lord Stockbridge on one side, boring for Britain, and Freddie Nesbitt on the other, sucking up.
I'm worn out. Any more chocolate in that pot?
I'll go down and make some more.
-I was looking for my maid. -She's just gone downstairs.
Can I help?
She's fetching me chocolate, but I wonder if I prefer milk.
Would that be hot milk or cold?
You decide.
I couldn't say, my Lady.
Hot then, with something sweet. Your hands are in your pockets.
Otherwise, I'll never sleep.
Why? Do you have trouble sleeping, my Lady?
I have a feeling I might have trouble tonight.
I'll be wide awake at one a.m., bored to sobs.
Then we must try and think of something to amuse you.

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