Gosford Park (2001): Robert's Past


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-Do you want a drink? -Sure.
What do you make of the place?
Is this a well-run house, would you say?
-Sir William be good to work for? -No.
-How long have you been doing this? -What?
About seven years. I was a footman before that.
And working for Lord Stockbridge,
-is that a promotion? -No.
I used to be with the Earl of Flintshire.
Then why did you move?
Because I felt like it.
Who's that?
That's my mother.
-Where's she live? -She doesn't. I went to an orphanage.
That's right. Sorry.
What happened to her?
-What do you mean? -Why did she die? Was she young?
Was it in childbirth?
You're not very curious, are you?
Yeah, she was young, she worked in a factory, she had me, and a little later, she died. End of story.
Why didn't you say she was a factory worker?
I didn't fancy discussing my private life with strangers.
Sorry I spoke out of turn, mate. Didn't mean to offend you.
I'm not offended. And don't call me "mate".
Well, I'll see you later.
I've got a date with a hot glass of milk.

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