Gosford Park (2001): Servants Dinner Part 2


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The clip servants dinner Part 2 from Gosford Park (2001) with Ryan Phillippe, Kristin Scott Thomas

-Not you, Dorothy? -My father was a farmer.
A tenant of Lord Carton's.
-Mr. Meredith? -Factory hands, both of them.
And if you ask me, they were better off.
What about you, Mr. Stockbridge?
What's the matter? Don't you know?
Yeah, I know what they did.
But it didn't have any effect on me or my choice of work.
-And why's that? -Because I grew up in an orphanage.
Thank you, Mr. Weissman for giving us something to think about.
Her Ladyship.
I'm so sorry to disturb you.
Please do sit down and finish your supper.
A major crisis has arisen. Mr. Weissman won't eat meat.
I can't tell Mrs. Croft. I don't dare.
Everything under control. Mr. Weissman's valet informed us, so we've prepared a special version of the soup.
He can eat fish, hors-d'oeuvres and we'll have a Welsh rabbit for the game course. I don't know about the entree.
Thank you. Ten steps ahead as usual!
Which one of you is Mr. Weissman's valet?
I am. Your Ladyship.
Are you, indeed? Heavens.
Thank you for your efficiency.
You're all set, then.
-Yes, George? -Nothing, sir.
I should hope not. Very hungry.

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