Gosford Park (2001): Trentham About to Leave


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The clip trentham about to leave from Gosford Park (2001) with Maggie Smith, Kelly Macdonald

Honestly, it's getting so expensive leaving something for the housemaids, one might as well take a suite at the Ritz.
What about William's little maid? I never saw her again after dinner.
-She's gone. -lt's a pity really.
It was a good idea to have someone whose sorry he's dead.
-Did you have a nice ride? -I feel guilty. Everyone's gone.
Apart from you and Louisa. Why don't you stay for luncheon?
No. Best be off. Leave you in peace.
You will telephone about the funeral plans?
-Don't come if it's a bore. -Of course I'm coming.
-What will you do with this place? -I don't know.
Will you keep it?
It's so difficult.
Does one really want the bother nowadays?
I could shut it up and make a decision when my head stops spinning.
Mrs. Wilson could manage till you're ready.
She could manage all right. Let's not worry about that.
She'll get rid of the wretched Mrs. Croft.
-Why are those two such enemies? -I don't know.
They were both workers in one of William's sweatshops.
Mrs. Croft was the senior then. She was the cook.
And Mrs. Wilson, a lowly factory worker.
Now that she's gone up, poor Crofty can't abide it.
Usual rubbish.
Was there ever a Mr. Wilson?
-I can't imagine it. -Nor could I.
Although, funnily enough, I think there must have been.
Really? You amaze me.
She might have changed her name, but when she worked with William she was something different. Parks or Parker or Parkinson, or something like that.

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