Gosford Park (2001): Secrets to Hide


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The clip secrets to hide from Gosford Park (2001)

Who is it?
Don't mind me.
-lnspector asked me to take a look. -ls the inspector with you?
We're working from the station. See if we can't manage things better from here.
What about the poison? Have you traced that at least?
This house is a poisoner's paradise.
We've found the stuff in practically every room.
Unfortunately, no one's got a police record.
Except you, of course.
Perhaps the butler did it.
I had a brother who was a conscientious objector.
He did a bit of time, too.
Do they know upstairs you refused to fight and were sent to prison?
I'd forget about it if I were you.
Not everyone's cut out to be a soldier.

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