Gosford Park (2001): Robert


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The clip robert from Gosford Park (2001) with Kristin Scott Thomas, Clive Owen

Let me pour you a cup of tea.
Yes, thank you. Mind putting the milk in afterwards?
I don't know what came over me. I usually put it in afterwards,
-but on that occasion... -Sir.
Not now, thank you. So sorry.
Mrs. Thompson prefers the milk in first, so I get used to pouring for her. Some nonsense about bacteria. You know what women are like, well, wives.
She's a funny old... Sugar?
No, thank you.
-Mr. Parks. -Robert.
Robert, then.
It's just last night when you said you'd surprise me, you didn't mean anything by it, did you?
Why? Don't you like surprises?
Mr. Stockbridge.
I assume you're all aware that Mr. Denton played a trick on us by posing as a valet.
Since Sir William was aware of it, it's not for anyone to criticise it.
However, it leaves us with some adjustments for this evening.
Arthur, you'll dress Mr. Weissman. That leaves Mr. Novello.
I don't want to ask you, Mr. Probert.
-I don't mind. -You've got enough on your plate.
-I'll do him if you like. -That's very generous of you.
-I could always do it myself. -No.
-lt's no trouble for a night or two. -Good.
Splendid. That's settled then.
I think we can leave Mr. Denton to dress himself.

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