Gosford Park (2001): the Romance


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The clip the romance from Gosford Park (2001) with Camilla Rutherford, Charles Dance

-Freddie, do wait. -What is it this time?
-Does my hair look all right? -lt looks fine.
Why are we...?
We're not late.
Please stop going on.
-Hello. -Hello.
See you in there. There's something I've been meaning to say to you.
Have you spoken to your father?
"No"? You promised.
I said I'd do my best.
You're beautiful when you resist.
-Stop it. I'll ask him tonight. -You bloody well better.
-Don't sneak up on people. -Don't worry, it's nobody.
Sorry, Miss Isobel.
Will you have a chance to speak
-to him tonight? -Stop going on about it.
That's all very well...
I think it's ridiculous. I'm here to shoot.
It's a relief to sit next to someone who isn't deaf in one ear.
I'm sorry?

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