Gosford Park (2001): the Butler's Reaction


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The clip the butler's reaction from Gosford Park (2001)

Dorothy, would you take...?
Come on, spit it out.
-The police would like to see you. -Me?
No, Mrs. Croft, Mr. Probert.
I don't know what I can tell them.
George, see if anything more is required in the red room.
I don't see the point in the rest of you waiting up.
What about me, Mr. Jennings?
You can go as soon as the police release you. Some time tomorrow.
Until then, you can stay in your room.
I'm not contagious, you know.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Those with remaining duties, see to them quickly.
Otherwise, good night, everyone.
Fat old oik.
-Mr. Jennings. -Yes, Mr. Weissman.
I have a confession to make.
I think it's clear the valet did it.
No, because the valet has access to everybody.
No, the valet isn't the butler.
There's one butler and lots of valets.
He takes care of people. He's in their rooms at night.
The valet could easily have done it.

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