CB4 (1993): Recive News That Trustus is Dead


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The clip Recive news that Trustus is dead from CB4 (1993)

It's me, man, Rip.
Man, I thought you'd be in Africa by now.
Cousin, this ain't no time to argue.
Trustus is dead.
What? What happened?
Gusto bagged him eatin'dinner with Sissy.
He shot him?
Hey! Who knows the Heimlich manoeuvre?
Here, I do.
No, no, no.
You're not doin' it right.
That's not it. Here, let me try.
Is he all right?
He don't look so good.
Thought you got away?
Now you're layin' dead. But we ain't settled this yet, right?
Where's my money, motherfucker?
Where's my money, motherfucker?
I want my money. Funeral or no, I want my money!
If I have to give you mouth-to-mouth and revive your black ass, I want my money!
Hey, look, we need to go outside and talk. All right?

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