CB4 (1993): Join the Rappers for the Day


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The clip join the rappers for the day from CB4 (1993)

Yo, chill.
I'm gonna let him hang out with me today, all right?
Thanks. You're not gonna be sorry.
OK, sorry. Come on, Herb, grab your stuff.
Corny ass motherfucker.
Again, MC, I wanna thank you for letting me hang with you today.
It's gonna be fun. Look at that Jeep!
Cool! I drive something sorta like that. It's a big ol' Country Squire.
It was my dad's car. It's sorta like it.
What MC Gusto just did was rip up a state-issued ticket
which he has no plans of paying, a natural act of defiance by rappers.
He's putting in a new jam for us to listen to and...
Yo, White! Chill on the blow-by-blow, all right?
I'm sorry.
It feels like I'm living in a zoo...
I like this. Who is it?
Gold, gold, gold.
Another one goes gold.
I got it.
In Jones We Trust Productions.
If you can't trust me, you can't Trustus.
You can trust you're gonna be dead soon.
And guess who's next? CB4.
They ghost.
That was great!
Gusto, does the whole idea of CB4 getting together in just two days
kind of fill you with high anxiety?
Do you actually think a brother who was rollin' and controllin' Cell Block 4
is worried about rockin' the mic?
Must be one of my bitches. Hello.

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