CB4 (1993): Gusto Explains His History


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The clip Gusto explains his history from CB4 (1993) with Art Evans, Chris Rock

There's only one word for that kind of thing in my book. "Wild".
You guys OK back there?
MC, why were they shooting at us?
Us? Us?
They weren't shooting at us. They were shootin' at me.
I could've died today. It'd have gone down as a simple-ass drive-by.
You know shit about Cell Block 4.
No. That's not true.
I know you guys are...
You got lots of tape?
Cos I'm gonna let you in on something.
OK, fine. But keep it tight. I do the narrations.
All my life I wanted to be a rapper.
About four years ago...
Four or five niggaz in a mothership
Better known as a goose And we all wanna smother shit
Bent, front and back glass got tint
Tryin' to get our hands on some dollars and cents...
Turn that music down!
Come on, Pops.
I already got it on one.
Put it on negative one.
Make us both happy and turn it off.
I like this music. I like what it's about. I like the way it sounds.
Albie, I don't understand this gangster-rap attitude
you're so fascinated with.
Why don't we listen to Lenny Kravitz?
It's just music. You act as if I was plannin' a drive-by.
I'm gonna drive by and whip your ass if you don't turn that music down.
Why ain't you in school? How come you home?
It's Saturday, Pops.
So, go look at a school.
Don't waste electricity on that rap mess.
But Pop!
Don't "but" me.
I'll beat your ass in front of your woman. No rap in my house.
In our day, they sang. That rap ain't nothin' but talkin'.
It won't never last! Remember black-and-white TV? Gone!
Remember eight-tracks? Gone! Betamax? Gone.
Look, Wackee Dee and Sun Shine.
Oh, no!

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