Blade (1998): Killing Dragonetti 2


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The clip killing Dragonetti 2 from Blade (1998)

How youfeeLln'?
Look at that.
Whew. Gettin' a Little toasty outhere, huh?
Heh heh.
When was the last time you stopped to appreciate a good sunrise?
Oh, that's right. You were born a vampire, so you never had the pleasure, have you?
That's OK.
It's all right.
Least we're here together.
Share the moment, which means a Lot to me, by the way, really.
I mean that.
'Cause actually, you know, when you get to know me,
I'm a fairly sentimental type of guy.
Bit of an innocent, you mightsay.
Do what you want, Frost.
Doesn't make any difference.
You just don't fuckin' get it.
You're never gonna be a pureblood.
Hold him.
You will never rule us.

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