Serial Mom (1994): Watching Blood Feast

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Published 5 Apr 2012
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Watch this. No, thanks.
Scotty, watch this.
It's a sheep's tongue.
This shit is sickening. Come on, put on some pussy.
Look, dickhead...
Blood Feast.
The Citizen Kane of gore movies.
I don't know what it is about today, but I feel great! Cookie?
Excuse me, Mrs. Sutphin.
Hi, Mom. Hi, Mrs. Sutphin.
Hi, guys.
Look how fake that looks.
Oh, you kids. Here, have a cookie and run on home.
But, Mom, the video's not over.
Don't you "but, Mom" me.
Mr. Stubbins seems to think that these silly movies
are interfering with your schoolwork.
Oh, boy.
Mom, Mr. Stubbins sucks.
Man! That one made me puke!
It's supposed to make you puke.
You forgot something.
Are we leaving?
Yes, you are.
Bye, Mrs. Sutphin.
Bye, Birdie.
Bye, Bird-Brain. See you, Scotty.
Now, Chip, honey, I know how hard it is being a teenager.
I understand. I'm your mother and I love you.
Oh, could we watch that scene again?
You know the one, where he rips her heart out? Please?
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