Dazed And Confused (1993): Live in the Moment


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The clip live in the moment from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Anthony Rapp, Adam Goldberg

Fairly uneventful, huh?
Which one of you had the theory about how President Ford's football
injury is affecting the economy?
Ford's on the Warren Commission.
He's outta there this fall. We need alcohol.
That's a thought.
Run out to the Centennial and pick me up a sixer of this stuff.
Think you can do that?
Good luck!
If we're gonna drive around, we should just do somethin'.
You're right, man. I'm gonna get drunk, maybe get laid
or get in a fight.
We should be up for anything!
We are, but what? Don't you ever feel
like everything we do is just to service the future?
It's like it's all preparation.
But what for?
Life of the party!
It's true.
But y'know, that's valid.
If we're all gonna die, shouldn't we be enjoying ourselves now?
I'd like to quit thinking the present is some minor preamble.
Everybody in this car needs some good old visceral experience.

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