Dazed And Confused (1993): Party Invitation


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The clip party invitation from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Anthony Rapp, Adam Goldberg

I swore I'd never go to a Top Notch. And I am sorting through jalapeno
burgers and soggy fries. Take 'em.
Oh Christ!
How ya doin'?
Pretty good.
Cool. Heard about the party being busted?
Oh yeah.
Not to worry. There's a new fiesta in the making. At the moon tower.
Full kegs, everybody's gonna be there. You oughta go.
We'll be there.
So ya need a ride?
I got my own car. Thanks.
Ditch the two geeks and get in with us, but that's all right.
I'll see you there.
I love those redheads, man.
I know you.
We had geography together.
Oh God!
What a dick.
That was so creepy!
Why're you smilin'?
I thought he was cute.
When he graduated we were 3. Cynthia, what're you thinking?
I don't know.
We gonna still go?

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