Dazed And Confused (1993): Hanging out in Class


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The clip hanging out in class from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Sasha Jenson, Jason London

"Gilligan's transistor radio. " That was a good one!
What about that one where that sexy surfer catches that huge wave!
You remember that?
Oh yeah.
The mosquitoes!
Pink, let's go!
Come on!
I can't go until Miss Wilk gets here. So get Benny.
Coach gave me something for you.
They're really doin' this?
He wants 'em all back today.
Everybody's signing it?
Just to get him off our backs.
You sign it. Never think about it again!
You're gonna make a big deal outta this, aren't you?
You're gettin' air from here. It's no good. You see this?
It's gotta be tight
to get a good hit.
I ain't believin' that about Bonham's 1
hour drum solo.
2 minutes.
You couldn't handle that on acid.
We're gonna go to the bathroom. Could you let Miss Wilks know?
This is totally amazing!
"I voluntarily agree to not indulge in any alcohol, drugs or engage

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