Dazed And Confused (1993): Prepare to Fight


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The clip prepare to fight from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Wiley Wiggins, Jason London

Why's it called the moon tower?
They put it up when they were buildin' the power plant.
Actually, it's a good idea. You got a full moon out here every day.
But nothing's ever been repaired. This whole place could fall down.
So you better watch your step, Junior.
This place used to be off
limits, 'cause some drunk freshman fell off.
He went right down the middle, smackin' his head on every beam.
Doesn't hurt after the first couple. Autopsy said he had 1 beer. You?
You're dead. You're so dead.
Look at the bloodstains.
Shut up.
I'm gonna get that guy.
What guy?
That asshole on the way in. Clint.
That super dominant male greaser.
I wouldn't suggest that, Mike.
I got it all planned. Most fights never get past a punch or two.
An instinct not to upset the herd. I gotta get in one good punch,
play defense and wait.
What're you talking about?
At first, I was relieved to get out, but now there's this humiliation
that's gonna be with me forever. I'm not gonna let this
contribute to me being an ineffectual nothing the rest of my life.

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