Dazed And Confused (1993): Hanging out


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The clip hanging out from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Burke

Let me tell ya what Melba Toast is packin'.
411 positrack out back, 750 double pumper, Edelbroc intakes,
11 to 1 pop
up pistons, Turbo
jet 390 horsepower... some fuckin' muscle!
Man, you got this out of a comic book, I saw the ad next to the sea monkeys.
See that? That's white lightning! See the shoes on that thing?
Wow, such an expert.
This is sad.
Let's do something else.
Like what?
I'm bored.
Let's split.
Where you wanna go?
Pink, hear anything about a beer bust?
Talk to this man.
Patience, darling. Patience.
What're you doing here?
I was just about to ask you.
Heard you got busted.
Hirschfelder, too.
Like how bad?
Was it O'Bannion?
Yeah. God, I hate that jerk!
I know.
What've you guys been doin'?
Don't know. Drivin' around mostly.
I didn't know Jodi was your sister.
I hear my name over here? You talkin' about me? Hey, kiddo.
Heard they got you pretty bad.
I asked them to take it easy on you.

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