Dazed And Confused (1993): Freshman Humiliation


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The clip freshman humiliation from Dazed And Confused (1993) with Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp

Excuse me. Thank you.
Alright, you little freshman bitches!
Air raid!
That was pathetic!
Let's try it again. That means get up, you lazy bitches! Get up!
Air raid!
That was horrible, you slut girls, you freshman sluts! Get up!
Up! Up!... Air raid!
The entire community seems to be supporting this, or turn their heads.
They have permission to use the parking lot. No parents seem to mind.
They're selling concessions.
I know.
We seniors, we tried. We gave you a chance, but since you prick teasers
can't follow instructions,
we're gonna have to try something else, won't we? Seniors?
You love us. Smile! You love us!
Suffer, sisters!
Eat it! Open wide!
Love it, girls!
Welcome to high school, honey!
Propose to Mr. Dawson.
Will you marry me?
Don't know. What's in it for me?

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