Batman (1989): Gotham's Nightmare


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The clip Gotham's nightmare from Batman (1989)

"Jack Napier assault with a deadly weapon, age 15.
Results of psychological profile violent mood swings, highly intelligent, emotionally unstable.
Aptitudes include science, chemistry, and art."
Let's go shopping.
...six new deaths, with no clues as to the Joker's deadly weapon.
And what is the pattern?
Foods, alcohol, or beauty and hygiene products?
Cologne, mouthwash, underarm deodorant?
Or worse yet, there may be no pattern.
The search goes on through Gotham's shopping nightmare.
We are having a festival if I have to use a gun to get people there myself.
Do you hear the words coming from my mouth? The festival is on!
Find out what this madman is poisoning us with.
Do you read me?
We're working on it. I need all the help I can get.

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