Batman (1989): Pay a Visit


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The clip Pay a visit from Batman (1989) with Michael Gough, Michael Keaton

Sir, Miss Vale called again.
Dare I suggest that your present course of action might simply strengthen her resolve?
She is quite tenacious.
You're right.
And quite special. Perhaps you could try telling her the truth.
May I come in?
This is a nice apartment.
Lots of space.
Listen, I came over to...
-...clear-- -I don't know who you think you are!
-You hurt me. -I know.
I called you and called you. And you lied! You lied about leaving town.
-Let me tell you why. -Let me tell you!
I thought we felt something. And I trusted you.
I even slept with you.
Then you wouldn't return my calls. You must be some kind of jerk.
You're a real nice girl and I like you a lot, but right now, shut up.
I have something to tell you.

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