Batman (1989): Urgent Mattters


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The clip Urgent mattters from Batman (1989) with Robert Wuhl

I plan to be. I'm intrigued by Alex's giant bat stories.
Oh, right. The bat--. Batman.
A bit light after the war in Corto Maltese, no?
What do you do for a living?
Commissioner Gordon was compelled to leave.
Very unexpectedly, sir.
Will you two excuse me?
I think perhaps this way, sir.
They need wine in the front room, and a Mrs. Daley needs a copy of the menu.
And give Knox a grant.
Nice talking with you, Wayne.
The rich....
Know why they're so odd? They can afford to be.
Look at this mirror.
Maybe it should be Bruce Vain.
-What's up? -Anonymous tip.
Napier's cleaning out Axis Chemicals.
If we could get him, we'd have Grissom.
Why wasn't I told? Who's in charge?
-Eckhardt. -Oh, my God!
Come on, let's go.

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