Batman (1989): The Antique Room


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The clip The antique room from Batman (1989) with Robert Wuhl, Michael Keaton

Mr. Gordon?
Mr. Gordon?
Wait, wait. Living room, dining room, arsenal.
Look at this stuff.
Who is this guy?
He gives to humanitarian causes, and then collects all this stuff.
He probably does it to get chicks. They like his charity balls.
Don't leave out his very large bankroll.
The more they've got, the less they're worth.
This guy must be the most worthless guy in America.
Check this out. He must have been the king of the Wicker People.
Where'd this come from?
I have no idea.
It's Japanese.
How do you know?
I bought it in Japan.
-Who are you? -Sorry. Bruce Wayne.
Alexander Knox.
I read your work. I like it a lot.
Thanks. Can I have a grant?
Vicki Vale.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I've seen your pictures from Corto Maltese, haven't I?
You've got a wonderful eye.
Some people think she has two.
This is a wonderful house. I'd like to shoot it sometime.
We need more champagne. Is that all right?
Sure. Go ahead.
How many cases? Six? Six?
Six is good.
Will you be in Gotham for a while?

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