Batman (1989): Vicky Vale


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The clip Vicky Vale from Batman (1989) with Robert Wuhl, Kim Basinger

Welcome, Count Dracula.
Had any sightings of Big Foot lately?
-They buried your story on Batman. -They bury garbage.
This is Pulitzer Prize stuff.
I got something for you.
Very funny. You should have put more gore under the fangs.
What a dick.
Hello, legs.
I'm reading your stuff.
Well, I'm reading yours.
Hi, I'm Vicki Vale.
Yeah, photographer. Vogue, Cosmo. Yeah.
If you want me to pose nude, you'll need a long lens.
Actually, I was in the Corto Maltese.
You could get hurt doing this stuff.
What brings you here?
I'm here to see the wildlife in Gotham City.
Wildlife? Like what?
-Who sent you? -Nobody, really.
I just loved your story, and I like bats.
My pictures, your words. Pulitzer Prize material. Just think.
Okay, you're a visionary, and also the only one who believes me.
I need something tangible.
Gordon's got a file. I can't even get him on the phone.
He'll be at Bruce Wayne's benefit, right?
Yeah. I don't seem to be on the guest list. No.
Yes, yes. Vale, will you marry me?
-No. -Buy me lunch?
-Maybe. -I eat light.

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