Starsky & Hutch (2004): Questioning the Cheerleaders


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The clip Questioning the cheerleaders from Starsky & Hutch (2004)

Right on. That was great, girls. Take five.
Let's go.
Look alive. Here they come.
We usually don't allow spectators, even cute ones.
David Starsky, Bay City PD. This is my partner, Ken Hutchinson.
They're so cute.
I'm Staci. That's Holly.
God, I love your moves out there. Fantastic.
I've never dated a cop before.
My horoscope said I should try new things today.
Is that right?
You're awful.
So, what brings you around here, officers?
Well, you know, that depends.
Yeah. Either of you two know a Terrence Myers?
Yeah. Heather dated him.
The girl over there with the yellow top, but they split up a while ago.
We haven't seen him around.
Let's go ask Heather some questions.
Thank you. And be careful with those moves. You could hurt someone.
That's why we practice.
Actually, I was talking about us.
Where'd that come from? A little charm.
I would've tried the horoscope line.
No, too obvious.
Wait up.
See what I mean?
Here's my number.
In case you need us for
Thank you, ladies.
He was always fascinated by all that macho mobster bullshit.

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