Career Opportunities (1991): Liar and Tease Part 2


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The clip liar and tease Part 2 from Career Opportunities (1991)

You've known me for 17 years. We went to the same schools from kindergarten on.
I knew of you, but I didn't know you personally.
That's always bothered me.
I mean that old... in-out, us-them thing.
That's the way it's been.
It's always bothered me.
It's water over the dam now.
But it's your dam and my water.
I got crapped on a lot of years.
I meant that it's in the past.
The present is a result of the past.
I look at my high school yearbook...
and I don't see four fabulous years.
I'm reminded of what it feels like...
to have my underwear yanked up my ass...
by some big football player.
And where are those guys now?
They're not working nights at Target. I'll tell you that.
Yeah, You know...
I look at my yearbook...
and I see four fabulous years...
that are gonna be the highlight of my life.
Here's what it's like.

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