Career Opportunities (1991): Jim Entertaining


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The clip jim entertaining from Career Opportunities (1991)

That's when I invented the artificial cow heart.
Oh, that was a big thing.
A little before your time, but it made the newspapers.
ABC, NBC, CBS, they picked up on it.
But it's more or less a hobby for me, boys.
Scoot over!
Actually, today I decided...
I've gone about as far as I can go in the animal health-care business.
The reason that I'm not at work this afternoon...
is because I was made an offer I cannot refuse. I sold.
Whatcha gonna do with the cash?
Invest it overseas, projects in Eastern Europe.
I don't know. I've got everything.
Jim, you just bought the animal hospital.
How come you sold it so fast?
Tax problem.
And here's my accountant right now.
Earl, take a bow. Ha-ha-ha!
20 minutes for lunch. Go buy another suit.
He works for me.
He's scouting some real estate for me,
but the market's real tight.
I like the new uniform, Lorraine.
With the right shoes and handbag,
that might be suitable for a cocktail party.
So... question.
When in the worid are you going to start serving sashimi?
Maybe when I find out what it is.
You've never heard of sashimi?
You've got to be kidding.
It's this special Japanese fish you eat raw.
A little butter sauce,
and you're ready to go to heaven.
I'd hire you in a minute if I hadn't already fired you so many times.

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