Career Opportunities (1991): First Weekday


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The clip first weekday from Career Opportunities (1991) with William Forsythe, Frank Whaley

Are you a slacker?
No, uh, Presbyterian.
What did you say? What did you say?
I'm askin' you a simple question.
Are you lazy?
No, sir.
The last guy that wore that uniform was a lazy slacker, and I fired his butt.
Uh, about the uniform, will I be getting my own?
You work out, which I doubt, you can have a new name patch.
Would I be able to have it laundered? It smells a little like Darnell.
I don't think you know who you're messin' with.
After you clean the ladies' and mens' crappers...
and you'd better be able to eat off those bowls...
you clean my coffee maker, then wax my desk.
Uh, clean what?
Clean my coffee maker and wax my desk!
I got it!
Sweep the aisles, startin' with health and beauty.
Work your way over to juniors and misses.
Ups and downs, leaving your debris in the cross aisles.
So, I start with health and beauty...
I just said to start with health and beauty!
Then you do your cross aisles.
That'll bring your dust bin into play.
Take the debris. Load it into the dustbin.
Take the dustbin out to the loading dock...
and empty it into the receptacle.
Got that? Easy as pie.
I was employed briefly at Del Taco, and...

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