Charade (1963): Who's Next


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The clip who's next from Charade (1963) with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant

Let's go somewhere crowded. I feel like a lot of people.
Hey, you know, this thing is still damp.
You haven't spoken a word for 20 minutes.
I was thinking about Charles and Scobie and who's going to be next.
I don't suppose you know who the murderer is, do you?
No. Not yet.
Whoever's left alive at the end will pretty much have sewn up the nomination.
What are you trying to say, that I might have killed Charles and Scobie?
What do I have to do to satisfy you? Become the next victim?
It's a start, anyway.
I can't understand you at all.
One minute you're chasing me around the shower room.
The next minute you're accusing me of murder.

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