Charade (1963): Women Can't Help It


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The clip women can't help it from Charade (1963) with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant

Who do you think did it?
Or Tex?
You're a fat lot of help.
That's right.
Can I have one of those?
I think Tex did it.
Vanille et chocolat, s'il vous plait.
Why do you think Tex did it?
Because I really suspect Gideon,
and it's always the person you don't suspect.
Do women think it feminine to be so illogical, or can't they help it?
What's so illogical about that?
You just said it's always the one you don't suspect.
If you suspect Gideon, therefore it must be Tex.
On the other hand, if you suspect Tex it must be the other fella, Gideon.
I guess they just can't help it.
You know, I can't help feeling rather sorry for Scobie.
Wouldn't it be nice if we were like that?
What, like Scobie?
No. Gene Kelly.
You remember when he danced down here by the river in An American In Paris...
without a care in the world?
You know, this is good. Want some?
No, thanks.
I guess you don't either. Here, give me that.
I'm sorry.
Alex, I'm scared.
Yes, I know.
I can't think of any reason why he was killed.
Well, perhaps someone thought that four shares were too many.
What makes you think that this someone is going to be satisfied with three?
He wants it all. That means we're in his way too.
That's right.
We've got to do something. I mean, any minute now we could be assassinated.
Would you do anything like that?
What, assassinate someone?
No. Swing down from there on a rope to save the woman you love.
Like the hunchback of Notre Dame.
Uh... Huh?
Who put that there?

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