Charade (1963): Peter & Regina


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The clip Peter & Regina from Charade (1963) with Cary Grant, Dominique Minot

Does he belong to you?
It's hers. Where'd you find him? Robbing a bank?
He was throwing snowballs at Baron Rothschild.
Oh, thank you.
Do we know each other?
Do you think we're going to?
How would I know?
Because I already know an awful lot of people.
Until one of them dies I couldn't possibly meet anyone else.
Hmm. Well, if anyone goes on the critical list let me know.
Beg pardon?
You give up awfully easily, don't you?
Jean-Louis, let us walk. I've never seen a Rothschild before.
Clever fellow. Almost missed me.
Thank you.
You're blocking my view.
Which view would you prefer?
The one you're blocking.
It's my last chance. I'm flying back to Paris this afternoon.
What's your name?
Peter Joshua.
Mine's Regina Lampert.
Is there a Mr. Lampert?
Good for you.
No. I'm getting a divorce.
Please, not on my account.
No. I don't really love him.
At least you're honest.
Hmm. Is there a Mrs. Joshua?
Yes, but we're divorced.
That wasn't a proposal. I'm just curious.
Is your husband with you?
Oh, no, Charles is never with me. What do people call you? Pete?
Mr. Joshua.
I've enjoyed talking with you.
Now you're angry.
No, I just have a lot of packing to do. I'm going back to Paris too.
Wasn't it Shakespeare who said when strangers meet in far off lands...
they should ere long see each other again?
Shakespeare never said that.
How do you know?
It's terrible. You just made it up.
Well, it sounds right. You going to call me?
Are you in the book?
Charles is.
Is there only one Charles Lampert?
Lord, I hope so.

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